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A mining operation that hires permanent mining, geology and process personnel has all the important tools to create a Geometallurgy program. Many years ago, when computers resided in large buildings with little access to the user, it was impossible to establish a rational conversation between miners, geologists and metallurgists about the behavior of the mineral on a particular day of an operation. The ore was either good, bad or clayey and the results of the operation rarely coincided with these descriptions.

With the arrival of computers, in the early 80s, the mining group quickly realized that they had a tool that could generate "coincidences" with operational parameters between the days of good operation and those with a bad operation. With this event, we could define the beginning of a first stage in the history of Geometallurgy. Adding to this knowledge the improvements in the development of the mining, geological and metallurgical models, quickly diversified the geometalurgical models.

As a discipline, Geometallurgy is quite recent. We all profess to do Geometallurgy and we all think that our methodology is the most appropriate to spread. We should not forget that all deposits are different and with it, the needs of the user. Nor should we forget that the costs associated with geometallurgy, whether in drilling, chemical analysis, mineralogy or modeling processes can be high, which arouses the interest of third parties who offer alternatives to any challenge that Geometallurgy brings with it. Therefore, a congress of this kind is worth for us all to learn what others do and the new developments coming to the market.

Peru is one of the countries that has incorporated Geometallurgy as a practice in its mining operations in recent years and is doing so continuously. Its rise is due to the determination of younger engineers and the breadth of vision of the most experienced.

International Metallurgical Consultants (InterMet) is pleased to organize the first version of the most important congress focused on Geometallurgy in the region.

This event will include the participation of world-class experts, who together with those responsible for Geology, Mines, Concentrator Plants, Research Centers and Suppliers, will discuss fundamental and technological aspects, share experiences of implementation and best practices in the area.

This congress contemplates technical lectures and a number of activities, allowing an effective networking due to the attendance of professionals in mining making decisions in their operations and projects. We welcome you to this great event for July 2-3.


Eng. Helbert Zinanyuca

Geometallurgical Projects Developer

Commissioning Leader Hatch Asociados S.A.


MSc. Eddy Rodriguez

Head of Geometallurgy.

Minera Constancia – Hudbay Peru.

Dr. Jorge Menacho

Gerente General

De Remetallica Ingeniería.

MSc. Eric Ruiz

Metallurgical Superintendent

MMG Minera Las Bambas


Mineral characterization.

On-line characterization.

Advanced mineralogy.

Applied mineralogy.

Science and techniques.

Geometallurgical modeling.


Tests and prediction of the process performance.

Strategies and Planning.


Industrial practice.

Data Reconciliation.


Innovations and new projects.



If you wish to present a technical paper, send your abstract (250 - 300 words) with the scopes of your research to : geometperu@gmail.com , which will be reviewed by the organization. If your abstract is approved, you will be asked for the full technical work to be part of the USB that will be given to the participants of the Congress.


Your company can sponsor the most important geological - mining - metallurgical encounter of the region. Send your enquiry for more detail of sponsorship options to : informes@encuentrometalurgia.com

The program includes approximately 30 technical presentations with the participation of managers, superintendents, decision-maker engineers, top suppliers and world-class experts.


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© Copyright Geometallurgy 2020 - First International Congress on Geometallurgy

all rights reserved

Powered by : InterMet